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Email Monks always advise marketers to launch email campaigns with utmost discipline and full faith on their testing. Monks at monastery abide by certain rules of living and today we will go Dalai Lama’s way and draw an analogy between Dalai Lama’s rule of living and Email Marketers rule of successful email marketing.

Rule 1
Dalai Lama believes and advises to take
into account that great love and great
achievements involve great risk.
Likewise, Email Marketing isn’t perilous but not standing out from the crowd is. Practise innovation with your email campaigns. If you can’t break the rut, there is no much meat in it. Try tagging the trend this 2013, with responsive emails, video emails, longer subject lines, unique calls to action etc.
Rule 2
According to Dalai Lama, when you lose, don’t lose
the lesson
Similarly, whenever you launch an email campaign and by some chance you fail to attract enough ROI from the campaign, learn some lessons. Understand what didn’t work and try to modify or revamp it radically from the next time.
Rule 3
Spend some time alone every day and
analyse your past behaviour!
Email Marketers too need to spend some time with their past campaigns and device a measuring rod of success. Marketers need to tag the trend, understand what is it that attracts response from customers or subscribers and what is it that doesn’t appeal? Analysis of past behaviour will ensure a safe future resulting in more open and CTRs.
Rule 4
Share your knowledge and stop boasting.
It’s a way to achieve immortality.
As we have talked in our blogs, being bombastic about your products and promoting them frequently will not work in email marketing. There needs to be proper blend of promotional and informative emails. Audience likes to remain informed through fresh industry news, new product launches, how to’s, tips etc and that’s where most marketers fail – not knowing their soul mate’s (subscriber) preferences.
Rule 5
Decide what you want before proceed to
do anything.
Most marketers are unable to unriddle the STP conundrum and most campaigns fail at this level. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning has to be radically immaculate. If your database is incorrectly segmented, no matter how great your email positions your brand it’s going to a wrong audience leading to futile or bootless results.
Rule 6
Follow the two R’s: Respect for self and Respect for others
Amazingly put by Dalai Lama – Respect is everything. For Email Marketers, more the respect more the reputation of domain. Do not spam inbox of your subscribers with frequent and irrelevant communication. This might lead to a poor domain reputation and when you disrespect others; your brand too will be disrespected by your target leading to a continuous diminishing ROI. Ensure you follow deliverability best practices like maintaining a hygienic list, understand the domain names and cease using shared IP addresses etc.

Email Marketing is alive and well. All you need to do is make it more vivacious by incorporating rules that will enable you as a marketer to graduate steadily and attain success at every small step, the same way Dalai Lama execute their daily routine living by the set rules of the monastery. The result will be happy subscribers, more business and fertile efforts.