The Omniscient Lama of Email Marketing
Dynamic Content!

Dynamic content and email personalization are inevitable in the current times of modern email marketing. Also known as Real Time content, it can be incorporated in emails in different ways. The following flashcards take you through various dynamic content scenarios that shall help you understand the types of dynamic content better!

Content for








To Go Before
The Offer

for subscribers in
different locations

Shop with us, visit your

nearest store in Maryland!

Shop with us, visit your

nearest store in Seattle!

Cart - Abandonment
for specific product

What made you leave at 6.55 pm? Why not pick up your Reebok Black shoes of size 9 again?

The Kimono tops you chose, last few left. We have it stored just for you!!

Fear of Missing
Out trigger

but not time sensitive

Only 20 items
in stock remaining!

Live Social Feeds
inside email

Live content pulled
from RSS & API Feeds

Thanks for the

Monks, we love you!

Rule Based content
delivery based

on CRM, email
open time and
related attributes


Shipping across

the UK.

Shipping costs extra
as Applicable

Dynamic live maps
delivering a local
map of the location
closest to the opener

You can buy amazing
Men’s Watches
at our Holborn store.
Here are the directions.

You can buy gorgeous
Ladies Jewelry
at our Times Square store.
Here are the directions.

Live image
and Embedded

Gift Guide

5 day calendar:

each day gets a new live image
opening in a few seconds
as subscriber opens the email.

using past purchase

We observed you
like red shirts more,
why not go ahead
with Zovi brand

We observed you are a
Handbag Fan! Our latest
“It’s raining studs”
collection available online now.

Dynamic Landing
Pages associated with
email campaigns
that change from
one opener to other

Thanks, yu

always impress us

with your quick purchase,

we have got this

eBay book as a free giveaway!


Before you browse some
products, here’s a free

eBay book for you!

using past
browsing history

Additional 12% off, just for the stuff we know you like! Yes, we peeped
into your wish list!

Your first Flipkart subscription is on us! Buy anything from this catalogue containing at least 3 items from your wish list and get Rs.500 off on your purchase!

Cross Selling

We have the perfectly
matching trouser
for that yellow crop top
you bought last week!

Get cufflinks that shout
just like the Navy Blue Classic
Fit shirt you bought last week!

by Color

Each subscriber
gets differently
color codedemails across
their respective

gender, age-group, etc.

Dynamism based
on Industry or
Firm Specific Factors

We know how

important it is in your BPO for all your 256 employees to keep awake & talking from 10 PM to 6 AM.
Allow us to help & bring
you the best caffeine dispatcher-that melts all your worries as
sugar in coffee.

using Demographics

New collection of

belts made out of
Finest Leather is here,
specially designed for
young men of 25 years working

in IBM like you!

New collection of

Designer Jewelry
for young women of 25 years
working in TCS like you!

based Customization

Visit your

nearest store in Maryland & beat the heat with our latest Summer collection!

Visit your

nearest store in Seattle & fight the humidity with our latest Spring collection!

based Customization

The content

of the emails is multilingual
and it carries a respective language
based on the location where
it is opened.

Here are the list of DIY and

Enterprise Level ESPs that efficiently provide

Dynamic Content in Email

Act-On's dynamic content engine lets you deliver personalized emails, landing pages or web forms. Act-On aims to delight small marketing teams with big ambitions aided by expertise to launch responsive and successful email campaigns. It also facilitates automation of critical marketing tasks with real time results. Interesting reads from their knowledge base:

Lyris has innovated software solutions to automate and optimize data driven digital marketing programs. Its real-time retargeting aims at increasing the value of your email and website channels; by empowering marketers with valuable web behavioral data and drive that into personalized messaging programs. Interesting reads from their knowledge base: is dedicated towards making the most of your online marketing with the best possible support and tools; to make sure your email gets to the inbox and gets read. Its dynamic content system allows emails to be personalized for each recipient, based on rules that you set up, making email marketing personalization easier than ever! Interesting reads from their knowledge base:

Adestra has a proven place in email, automation, social, and mobile marketing technology to deliver successful and cutting-edge marketing programs. Its data driven automation aims at sending timely and relevant content with marketing automation features; thereby facilitating increased ROIs. Interesting reads from their knowledge base:

Pure360 is an email and digital marketing automation provider specializing in helping businesses get the best results from their campaigns. They create powerful personalized emails and leverage real-time behavioral data to re-engage customers and aims at making email promotions more relevant to the recipients. Interesting reads from their knowledge base: