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The Beyonce & Shakira
The word jugalbandi means, duet
It can be either vocal or instrumental.
The best example of a Jugalbandi is Beyonce & Shakira
performing for the song Beautiful Liar.
  • It’s a direct marketing channel to the clients and prospects.
  • It reaches only to the most relevant audience as per their preferences.
  • It provides a huge scope of personalized communication using latest technology to personalize first name, company name, URL etc.
  • It’s a cost-effective marketing channel.
  • It has a measurable ROI with easy to track campaign statistics.
  • It has an ability to incorporate live content.
  • One of the email marketing methods, Double Opt-in makes it consensual and credible.
  • It allows the companies to network with a wide range of audience/user base globally and develop a loyal fan base.
  • If used right, Social media sky rockets the positive word of mouth in short time.
  • It creates immediate interaction and draws engagement.
  • It helps the companies to develop competitive intelligence and help them listen to their customer’s voice.
  • Promoting content using social platform boosts traffic and provides positive signals to search engines.
  • Social media also helps generating leads and creating alliances and partnerships.
So, when would you invite Beyonce (Email Marketing) and
when would you like to invite Shakira (Social Media) for the concert?
  • When you have defined set of subscribers and want to reach out to prospects directly to their inbox. Email is effective private communication channel.
  • Communicate internal news, promote a product or service and instigate responses.
  • Communicate to familiar brand advocates with immense personalization.
  • Reach wide number of people without personalization for the purpose of branding and word of mouth marketing.
  • Post more generic updates on latest happening, blogs etc with an indirect approach of lead generation.
  • Engage with audience casually with the purpose of increasing two way communication.
Beyonce : We feel that fans like
Beyonce for her vocal abilities, dance
performances and aesthetics.
It’s the discount, information
and updates that make
loyal advocates.
  • 84% of people subscribed to an email to receive discount in 2013 compared to 73% in 2012.
  • 6% subscribers like to receive product updates and subscribe to receive solely updates.
  • 7% of the subscribers love the brand and that’s the only reason they subscribe to the company’s email.
  • Around 3% subscribers resort to an email for
    participating in a product survey.
Shakira : We feel that Shakira attracts
attention as she is rhythmic, bold and
perform a great belly dance while singing.
Social Media–It’s sharing,
networking and marketing
that binds people socially.
  • Most marketers use Facebook to share company
    updates, blogs, industry happenings and launch new products/services.
  • Companies use Twitter as a micro-blogging tool.
    Twitter also helps marketers to identify the upcoming trends, industry news and share thoughts with clients in beautiful crisp way.
  • Marketers explore graphics site like Pinterest,
    Snapchat and Instagram for content marketing
    and contests.
  • Most top executives and companies use Linkedin to source new talent, network with clients and prospects.
Utilizing Social Media to grow your Email list
  • Get a leg up on your competitors by adding email opt-in form on your Facebook page.
  • Tweet a sign-up link and describe a clear value for the follower, if he subscribes.
  • Use sweepstakes and contests for email capture and lead generation.
  • Giveaway premium content especially for your fans turned subscribers, which will in turn attract more eyeballs and eventually help capturing more emails.
  • Start an online hangout / host webinar to collect emails of like-minded.
Using Email to Grow Social Followers and Expand Your Reach
  • Add “Follow us” buttons or links for each of your social networking accounts in the sidebar, header or footer of your email template.
  • Add social sharing buttons to each article or link in your email messages that let subscribers share that content – e.g., the “Tweet this” button, Facebook’s “Like” button and LinkedIn’s “Share this” button.
  • Highlight an individual as “fan or follower of the month” in your monthly newsletter.
  • Feature the best discussions or comments from Facebook or LinkedIn in your email newsletters.
  • Alert email subscribers to recent social media-only promotions or contest winners.
  • Include links to your all your social network accounts in your email signatures.
Develop a Content synergy for both Email and Social
  • Craft compelling sharable content for email copies so to leverage the social media icons below email.
  • Likewise, craft special promotional and informational content for specific channels Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and encourage them to get engaged on more of such content by emails or newsletters.
Clicks on the social media buttons used below email template
Opt-in rates from email sign-up forms on Facebook and from opt-in offers shared on Twitter and LinkedIn
% increase in the followers and fans on social channels after shooting a campaign
% of email sharing and CTR vs. % of social sharing by brand advocates
Site traffic generated through email and social links
Total conversions from integrating social and email
Don't take email and social as competitors.
Blend them both well and maximize the returns from
Email and Social Jugalbandi.