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Know More about Accordions in Email

Accordion is basically a graphical control element with vertically stacked content that enables sending out more verbose emails without actually scrolling the emails. It helps the sender to show different email layouts to desktop and mobile recipients. Through this, the email might be longer when viewed on desktop, but it adjusts as smart Accordion automatically when viewed on mobile phones. The clicks on the tabs can be quantified and the area that draws the maximum visibility can be determined. They can also choose to provide progressive disclosure of information to enhance engagement. The main purpose is to summarize the desktop content and minimize the length of email in mobile by using categorization.


Retailers as always could show many product with different information and club it in Accordions.

Media and technology companies can use an Accordion beneath each of the products to further enhance their emails.

Accordions are the best way to actually send feedback emails with questionnaire as previously mentioned.


Mobile native apps support Accordion in emails, whereas desktop email clients will display full fallback contents.
Windows mobile will however, not support Accordion.
If you wish Monks to build your Email Template using Accordion effect.

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