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Know More about Countdown in Email

Countdown timer in emails are great if you wish to bring in a feeling of urgency and promote an offer, sale or event – stressing on the “TIME IS RUNNING OUT” factor. They add an element that generates excitement in the minds of the readers.


Ecommerce sites having a huge churn of products that are offering discounts on different products for a limited period of time.

Event companies can remind the attendees about the event through embed countdown timer.

Banks offering a limited period loan offer to customers can show countdowns to emphasize on the remarkable opportunity.

Automobile industry can have a pre-launch email before their new car gets live in the showrooms and roads.

Retailers who wish to intimate the customers about the expiry of the ongoing offer or abandoned products in the cart can effectively use Countdown in the email.

Travel industry can promote the seasonal discounts or offers.

Educational institutes can attract more students by using gif countdown for email.


Countdown in emails is compatible across all platforms. However, Outlook & Lotus will render the images if provided proper fallback support.
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