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Know More about Scratch & Flip in Email

Do you include Coupons or Offers quite often in your email campaigns for your regular customers? Add more spark with interactive elements like Scratch & Flip. Not only is this a progressive way to promote your new product or recent updates on your services, the customers will be able to scratch the code and instantly get the offer to redeem. Doesn't that sound exciting? This feature is quite similar to Menus or Accordions in email and can help in enhanced engagement. With flip, you can actually cut short your lengthy paragraphs of email content and flip flop them according to your preferences.


Ecommerce businesses can send out emails with scratch coupon codes and flip flop product displays.

Companies willing to share eBooks or other content with customers can share a part of the content in email using flip on hover where the users can check the excerpts by turning the page.

Research companies can make use of flip effects in email to display statistics along with brief about the research.

Tourism companies can reach out to travel enthusiasts with some amazing destinations and related package details or discount coupons with the help of flip.


These effects will have mobile native app support, but have no support in Windows Mobile. Apple Mail and Thunderbird email will support flip and scratch on hover. However, other desktop email clients will show full fallback contents.
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