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Know More about Rotational Banners in Email

An overwhelming email with too many images, Calls to Action, product/service specifications, and other offers and discounts can be difficult to read. The sure-shot solution to this problem can be rotational banner. Another interactive element in emails, it helps you to convey a lot of information in a seamless, yet attractive and visually impressive way.


Banks can showcase their credit card options, savings & other account plans, new investment products etc. with the help of rotational banners.

Cosmetic brands can showcase different products or shades of cosmetics.

Tour and Travel Companies can display various tour packages through rotatory banners.

E-commerce websites can use rotating banners to highlight different products and upcoming offers.

Education Institutes can utilize them to display their award winning students and curriculum snippets.

Automobile companies can send out imagery of various cars with rotating banners.

News and media sites can display news nutshells by using several rotating banners in their email.

Direct marketing and event management companies can also use rotating banners to display their promotional services, in-email banners, destination wedding venues, hall options and much more.

Technology companies can also use rotating banners for numerous purposes like multiple product launch email campaign, showcasing customer testimonials & success stories, team bios, work portfolio and much more.


The rotational banners work perfectly in Apple Mail, Thunderbird & mobile native email applications. However, appropriate fallback would be required on other email clients to let it work properly.
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