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Know More about Search in Email

Search in emails enables you to search what you are looking for, within the email itself and saves you the time of opening the browser and completing the search. This has been possible by using CSS3 and PHP script. You only have to click on search button integrated in the email body to get the results. Awesome, isn’t it?


Retail brands can use search in email to let their subscribes browse their catalog from the email itself

Ecommerce Industry can use search in email to provide ease of searching for any product across various categories from the email

Travel Industry can include Search text box in their emails to let subscribers look for various locations, room types, amenities and can increase chance of bookings

Universities and Educational Institutes can use search in email to let students browse for specific courses and information related to courses.

Automobile industry can use search in email to facilitate subscribes to look for various car models and accessories from email

News and Media industry can use it to provide the ease of searching for various news categories and specific event related to their subscribers

HR and recruitment industry can use search in email to help subscribers find the industry of their interest and available jobs.

Consumer service industry can benefit from the search option in email to guide subscriber to the specific service they are looking for. E.g. Spa, beauty salon etc.

Banking industry can make the most of search in email by letting subscribers directly search for certain investment option.


Apple Mail, Gmail Desktop, Yahoo Desktop, AOL, and Outlook on Mac have functional search. Lotus Notes, Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013,, and Mobile third party applications (Gmail App, Yahoo App) etc. will have proper fallback for your request. Search will not function in Thunderbird.

As Apple has limited support for text box, Apple users will not be able to fill the box or input “space” between the words. However, “Alt+Space” can solve the problem.
If you wish Monks to build your Email Template using Search in Emails.

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