Here is the process on how you can upload your Templates, Emails and Newletters on few of the popular ESPs

iCONTACT Integration

iCONTACT Integration Steps

  • a
  • b
    Log in using the username and password
  • c
    Click Create tab in the main navigation
  • d
    Click Copy & Paste an Email option
  • e
    Now Paste the HTML.
  • f
    Enter an email subject.
  • g
    Click Copy Text. This automatically creates a text version of your message. Text versions are
    required so that they can still be read in email clients that do not support HTML.
  • h
    Click Proceed to Send.
  • i
    Enter your initials to certify that your message is not spam.
  • i
    Either Click Delivery Immediately or select a date and time and click Schedule Delivery.

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