So, Why does your email need this makeover?

  • Many Email Clients Now Support interactivity
  • Interactivity can boost your click through rates drastically
  • You can provide more information in lesser space
  • Recipients can take action in the inbox; no need to dabble with associated landing pages
  • Interactivity gives emails a fresh look, providing great UX and UI


Fashioning a sense of urgency in an email with countdowns to promote any sale, event, or any other communication; affects your email campaign positively. Countdown makes the email look exclusive & preeminent.


Countdown in emails is compatible across all platforms. However, Outlook & Lotus will render the images if they are provided proper fallback support.

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  • Ecommerce sites have a big churn of products. They can offer discounts on different products for a limited period of time through email with the help of countdown in emails.
  • Event companies can use countdown in emails to send reminder to the attendees about the event.
  • Banks while offering a limited period loan offer to customers can also take the advantage of countdown in email to show the validity of the offer.
  • Automobile industry can send emails with countdown before the launch of their new car.
  • Retailers wanting to inform their readers about the expiry of the ongoing offer or expiry of the abandoned products in the cart can also use countdown in email.


With right kind of menu navigation, users can actually surf across various products or service categories right within their inbox. What makes this element a Rockstar is that it helps to keep the email short and concise, which especially works for the mobile view.


Menus will have mobile native app support whereas Desktop email clients will show fallback content. These effects will not be supported in Windows mobile.

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  • Ecommerce companies can use a menu for new product launches, recommendations, and cross selling.
  • Technology websites can have more tabbed information sharing within their newsletters or promotional services emails.
  • News and media websites that want to share a huge piece of information, can stack it up into various menus.
  • Travel and hospitality industry can share various tour options with their prospects or customers using menu in emails.
  • Manufacturing companies can share processes with their stakeholders through a menu.


With rotating banners, there are multiple advantages from the standpoint of showcasing multiple images to driving customer interactions. Rotating banners not only make the email aesthetics attractive and catchy, but also help to keep the email length in check.


The rotating banners work perfectly fine on Apple Mail, Thunderbird & Mobile Native Email applications. However, you need to provide appropriate fallback to let it work flawlessly in other email clients.

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  • Banks can showcase their credit card options, saving & other account plans, new investment products e tc. through rotating banners.
  • Tour and Travel companies can showcase various tour packages in lesser space.
  • Ecommerce companies can use rotating banners to showcase different products and offers.
  • Education institutes can use such banners to display pics of award-winning students and curriculum snapshots.
  • Automobile companies can display images of their various car models.
  • News and media sites can present various news snippets through such multiple rotating banners in their email.
  • Direct marketing and event management companies can display their promotional services, in-email banners, destination wedding venues, and much more.
  • Technology companies can use rotating banners in multiple product launch email campaigns, and for showcasing customer testimonials & success stories, team bios, work portfolio, and much more.


With sliders, you can better your email campaign by displaying multiple products in limited space. Sliders encourage engagement as user needs to click to view the next or previous slide, unlike rotating banners that rotate in a loop. Also, you can have a different CTA in each slide.


All the major email clients like Apple mail and Thunderbird support sliders in email. However, other email clients will provide a smooth and proper fallback.

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  • Retailers can present all their newly launched products in one email.
  • Ecommerce companies can use sliders in their emails for various purposes like displaying new products, recommended products, product reviews, etc.
  • Banks can promote various offers and plans through sliders.
  • Technology companies can showcase their coupon codes and offers for different industries.
  • Automobile companies can display various features and parts of their automobiles.
  • Tour & Travel companies can display their newly introduced travel packages as well as offered discounts.


Have you been sending those coupons to your loyal customers? Or product recommendations? If yes, you must introduce the scratch and flip effect in your emails.

With flip, you can cut down on lengthy content paragraphs and flip flop cards to showcase two sides with different information.

With scratch effect, you could send out coupons, offers, and other discount codes. A little drama helps to enhance engagement. Your recipients can scratch the code and redeem the offer. You can also use a scratch effect to launch a new product or show a news in a progressive manner.


Flip and scratch effect have mobile native app support. Apple Mail and Thunderbird will support flip and scratch on hover whereas other desktop email clients will show full fallback contents. It will have no support in Windows mobile.

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  • Ecommerce businesses can send out emails with scratch coupon codes and also flip flop product display and information.
  • Companies that want to share eBooks or other content can share a part of the content in email using flip on hover where they can turn the page and check the excerpts.
  • Research companies can provide stats along with brief about the research through flip effect.
  • Tourism companies can share pictures of amazing destinations with related package details using flip.


With accordions, you can stack up the content and send out more verbose emails without actually making recipients to scroll.

Moreover, you can smartly show different email layouts to desktop and mobile recipients so that the email might be longer when viewed on desktop, but automatically converts to smart accordion when viewed on mobile phones.

With accordion, marketers can measure the clicks on the tabs and identify the area that draws the maximum visibility. Marketers can also choose to progressive disclose information to enhance engagement.


Accordion has mobile native app support whereas Desktop email clients will show full fallback content. Accordion is not supported in Windows mobile.

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  • Retailers can show multiple products with different information clubbed in an accordion.
  • Media and technology companies can show various navigation options and use an accordion beneath each of these menus to further smarten their emails.
  • Accordion is an ideal way to send a feedback email with a questionnaire in the form of an accordion.
  • Any industry can use an accordion in emails for providing smart categorization.


Interactive graphs are immensely helpful in showcasing information in a highly visual way and increasing the credibility of your information.


Interactive graphs are compatible across almost all the email clients. Outlook and Lotus are two platforms where the graphs would be legible, but the animation might go missing.

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  • Research companies can share various data and findings held by them.
  • Manufacturing companies can share their annual reports with their shareholders.
  • Educational institutes can display their previous achievements and placement records.
  • Food and Beverage companies can showcase the comparison of nutrients in their foods with their competitors.
  • Ecommerce companies can exhibit the comparison of features of various products.


To collect data from your subscribers, you have two options:

  1. Redirect them to a dedicated landing page
  2. Collect it directly from the email itself through an integrated form

Integrated forms in email increase the form filling efficiency manifold. Currently, only Text box, Paragraph, Checkboxes, and Radio Buttons are supported.


Email clients like Apple Mail, Gmail Desktop, Yahoo Desktop, AOL, Outlook on Mac will display a functional form. Email clients like Lotus Notes, Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013,, Mobile third-party applications like Gmail app, Yahoo app, etc. will have proper fallback support fulfilling your request to get details.

Thunderbird will display the form, but it will not function. Apple has limited support for text area, so Apple users might not be able to fill the text box. Also, there is a possibility that the user isn’t able to input ‘space’ between words. Temporary workaround is to press ‘alt+space’ to input a space.

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  • Fashion Retailers can use integrated forms to conduct a survey to find out about the brands subscribers like.
  • Travel and hospitality industry can share various tour options with subscribers from where they get directed to specific landing pages based on the selected option.
  • Restaurant owners can send emails to get subscribers to fill a feedback form after processing the specific order.
  • Ecommerce companies can send transactional emails that ask for the review of the product along with the receipt of purchase.
  • Educational institutes can send a checklist of the books and series to be purchased by their students for the forthcoming holidays.


According to Email Institute, GIF emails increase click-through rate by up to 26%. And according to Marketing Sherpa, using GIF emails can help increase the conversion rate by 103%.

With such results to back the use of GIF in email, many businesses are now using GIFs abundantly. A GIF adds a fun element to email, making it engaging and entertaining.


Outlook & Lotus would show the first frame of the GIF as fallback. Apart from these, GIF is compatible across all platforms.

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  • Ecommerce companies can display the products on sale or highlight an important portion in the email with a GIF.
  • Brands can showcase their new collection for the season with a GIF.
  • Information technology companies can also use GIF to show how interactions on their app work.
  • Restaurants can create a cinemagraph GIF displaying vapors coming out of a delicious sizzler.
  • Telecommunications industry can include a cinemagraph to promote a new show or series.


Imagine if you could add more content than you can in an accordion or slider without increasing the length of an email? A medley of accordion and carousel, a collapsible carousel stacks up content in rows and columns.


Collapsible carousels are supported by Apple mail, AOL, all native apps, iPad, and Outlook configuration with Mac iOS. For rest of the email clients, you need to provide proper fallback support.

Experience Collapsible Carousel in your inbox. Get a sample email!


  • Ecommerce companies can showcase more categories, products (with specifications).
  • Travel companies can share their newly launched travel packages. Try putting destinations in the carousel tabs, various offers associated with that destination as the accordion list titles and details of the offer inside the accordion.
  • Banks can promote various investment plans by dividing them into categories, plans and details of the plan.
  • Automobile industry can display their car models by dividing them into categories in the carousel, models in the accordion, and features of the model inside the accordion


Integrated search box inside the email body is achieved through CSS3 and PHP script; your subscribers can use this to fill in search words within the email itself. Click on search button – and Voila! GET RESULTS either directly on the webstore or on Google.


Email clients like Apple Mail, Gmail Desktop, Yahoo Desktop, AOL, and Outlook on Mac will be having functional search. On the other hand, Email clients like Lotus Notes, Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013,, and Mobile third-party applications (Gmail App, Yahoo App) will have proper fallback support fulfilling your request to get details. Thunderbird will display the Search box but it will not function. 

Apple has limited support for text box, so Apple users might not be able to fill the box. Also, there is a possibility that the users might not be able to input "space" between words. Temporary workaround is to press "alt+space" to input a space.

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  • Retail industry can make use of this element to help subscriber search for specific product or color of a product in the email itself.
  • Ecommerce industry can help subscribers search for specific items from their huge collection of products.
  • Travel industry can let their subscribers search for the relevant holiday packages.


Positioned with the help of CSS, it’s a CTA that remains fixed in a layout when rendered in an email client and does not move irrespective of the scroll while the other content can scroll up or down seamlessly. This ensures the subscriber does not overlook the CTA.


This feature is only for Android mobile devices. While it is supported in Android Native and Boxer App, it is not currently supported in Android Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook App (they do provide fallback). Moreover, all iPhone devices will render a fallback only.

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  • Ecommerce companies, which tend to display a range of products, end up with a rather long email. To ensure that the subscriber does not oversee the CTA, fixed CTA is a great alternative.
  • Travel companies have many travel packages to display, each with an individual CTA. They can use a fixed CTA for highlighting the main purpose of every campaign.
  • Email Newsletters are generally lengthy, and the chances that subscribers may not see the CTA are high; a fixed CTA comes handy in this case.


Keyframe animation based on kinetic click-event can help you create an ‘experience’ in email. Keyframe animation generates better email engagement by involving the subscriber to take an action to experience the animation. This helps generate better click-through rates.


Kinetic click-event keyframe animation is currently supported by the following email clients: Apple mail, iOS mail, Android native app, AOL, Outlook iOS.

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  • Entertainment industry can promote a new series, movie, show.
  • Ecommerce industry can use this element to highlight a new product, with 360° display effect.
  • Automobile industry can introduce a new car model by creating a little suspense.
  • Travel industry can make use of click-event based keyframe animation to display a new destination added in their customer experience list.
  • Restaurants can showcase the ambience they provide with the help of this effect.