Kinetic Click-Event in Email

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Kinetic Click-Event for email
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Keyframe animation based on kinetic click-event can help you create an ‘experience’ in email. Keyframe animation generates better email engagement by involving the subscriber to take an action to experience the animation. This helps generate better click-through rates.


Entertainment industry to promote a new series, movie, show.

Ecommerce industry to highlight a new product, with 360° display effect.

Mobile device brand to launch a new device.

Automobile industry to showcase a new car model.

Travel industry to display a new destination added in their customer experience list.

Restaurants can showcase the ambience they provide with this effect.


Kinetic click-event keyframe animation is currently supported by the following email clients : Apple mail, iOS mail, Android native app, AOL, Outlook iOS.
If you wish Monks to build your Email Template using Kinetic click-event.

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