Here is the process on how you can upload your Templates, Emails and Newletters on few of the popular ESPs

MAILCHIMP Integration Steps

  • a
    On left bar, you will see Campaigns, Templates, Lists, etc... Click on Templates.
  • b
    There will be a new window with two buttons on top right - File Manage and Create Template - Click on "Create Template"
  • c
    In the window you will see options - Basic, Themes, & Code your own - Click on "Code your own"
  • d
    Here you will see three options: Choose last option - Import Zip and upload the zip file we have provided
  • e
    Once template loads, preview it and save with some name.
  • f
    Go back to campaign, and click on create campaign.
  • g
    Choose regular Campaign, Select list, Enter Name of Campaign, Subject line and necessary details and click on Next
  • h
    From the options choose 3rd option "Saved Templates"
  • i
    Select the tempalte you saved in Step E and you will be through.

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