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Our Partners

EmailMonks have been listed as the MailChimp experts on MailChimp's expert directory. Monks share support all the MailChimp customers requiring email or newsletter design and coding services.
EmailMonks are Unbounce partners. We help Unbounce customers design and code awesome custom landing pages that are compatible with Unbounce’s system. Checkout our special offer for Unbounce customers.
EmailMonks partnered with eGoi – multi-channel marketing software to build awesome templates for eGoi. We have also partnered with eGoi to extend our content marketing outreach.
EmailMonks have partnered with Towerdata – email intelligence, validation and appending company for extending our services and content marketing reach.
EmailMonks have partnered with Avari – real-time personalization company for an infographic about predictive content in email marketing. We also partner with Avari to extend our content marketing outreach.
EmailMonks have partnered with GetResponse – a leading email service provider for an infographic about email opt-in and also extending our services and content marketing outreach.
Email on Acid
Monks partner with Email on Acid to come up with amazing infographics, blogs and many other knowledge resources. Email on Acid also guides Monks in building awesome templates that they further share to the email fraternity as an inspiration. Email on Acid is one of our most esteemed partners.
Monks are knowledge partners for Pepipost. We guide Pepipost in terms of content development & brand building. EmailMonks can help Pepipost's customers design and code awesome emails and landing pages in quick TAT of 8 hours.
EmailMonks have partnered with WebPower – a leading Email Service Provider. We’ll be extending our Email Design and Coding services to them and their customers - helping develop awesome email templates.
Email monks have partnered with ONGAGE - a vendor agnostic email marketing solution that simplifies complexities, optimizes deliverability, and reduces cost.
EmailMonks and eFlyerMaker partner to create the best and easiest Drag & Drop feature in email marketing with a full library of EmailMonk objects directly available in the software; use it with email marketing and with the predictive feature to fully automate content integration.
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