Unveiling the new Wallet Model option for the ease of customers.

New Wallet Model

Wallet Model


Wallet payment model offers you the convenience of placing orders with EmailMonks without getting bothered to pay for each and every order you place.

Below is how this model works:


You (customer) deposit a fixed amount in your Wallet against the invoice raised. The pre-payment discount gets added automatically.


For each project order, you will be charged on the basis of a pre-defined rate card, the type of order, and job turnaround time. The amount will be deducted from your wallet accordingly.


Once the balance in the Wallet gets exhausted, you can refill your Wallet with another fixed top-up amount. (You will receive discount every time you top-up.)

Top up options
Amount Discount
$500 No discount
$1000 5%
$2000 7.5%
$3000 10%
$5000 12.5%
$10000 15%

Wallet history and the transaction for each jobs can be checked through the Wallet access portal. You can check the cost for each job and the available credits in the wallet access portal.



Ease of Payments You can avoid the hassle of making payments against each and every order invoice.


Immediate Project Initiation Our Technical team will initiate your project straightaway.


Priority Service You get priority if you are using the Wallet Model, as the EmailMonks team gets an assurance of bulk projects from you.


Savings Last but not the least, you save a decent amount, thanks to the advance payment discount.

access portal:

You get an access portal invitation, where you can check your transactions. It also includes the cost of each & every project along with the available credits.

How it works:

  • 1 How it works

    Whenever you pay a Wallet amount from, EmailMonks creates a credit note against that amount and provides you with login access to the portal.

  • 2 How it works

    Customers generally submit their project via email and EmailMonks creates the invoice for that particular job and settle it against the available credits.

  • 3 How it works

    You can login to the access portal and check the statement of balance and invoiced amount of each order.

  • 4 How it works

    You can also download or print the invoices for your reference.

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