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We offer white labeled services for agencies.

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Team of 110+ Expert Email Developers
Delivered 60,000+ Email Templates till date
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Customer Experience at core

8 hours TAT for PSD to Email
24X5 Development & Support
Litmus-tested HTML code compatible
With 40+ Email clients. View List >>

Expertise across ESPs and Tools

Vast experience with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor,
Marketo, Exact Target
& 40+ other ESPs. View List >>

Fully editable templates.
We upload and test template in your account if you wish to.

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What We Offer

  • Ease of Integration

    We follow the coding best practices to create commented, handwritten and well-structured codes. The HTML is thus easy to integrate into any ESP.

  • Add-ons like Responsive/ Scalable/Hybrid Layout

    While we can create responsive, scalable as well as hybrid templates, we also provide Retina Email Support- all we will need is your retina-ready design files.

  • Mobile
    Device Compatibility

    If you are not choosing to create a responsive email, we can still make sure it looks good on mobile devices. We can optimize your templates for mobile email clients.

  • Email Software Integration

    Monks can integrate your template (making it fully editable and reusable) into the ESP of your choice- MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Exact Target, etc. In case you need further assistance, we've got you covered!

  • Email Advancements

    We can add a zing to your emails by introducing amazing interactivity in the form of GIF, Countdown, Flip/Scratch, Menus, Sliders, Accordions, etc. in your email HTML.

  • Screenshots of Tests across Email Clients

    Along with the final HTML files, we shall also send screenshots of Litmus tests conducted across 40+ email clients in the form of links to the test.

Pricing and TAT

Looking to convert your PSD to Email? Monks’ PSD to Email services can help you convert your Email and Newsletter designs
(PSD/AI/EPS SKETCH etc.) into high-class responsive HTML email templates. Our templates are ready to use with your email
software and are compatible with 40+ email clients!

Email Design TO HTML Conversion

  • Cost
  • $ 49
  • $ 59
  • $ 79
  • $ 99
  • $ 119

We work 24x5

Want to check out our pricing details of Add-ons and Email enhancements?

How It Works

You Place an Order

You supply us your Design Files. Although we prefer layered PSDs, we also accept AI, EPS, Sketch & other design formats.

We Get Things Sorted

Monks will review your files and check whether any essential information is missing. In case of queries, we will contact you via email.

We Get to Coding

Once all the ducks are in a row, Monks will convert your PSD to email template that is responsive and compatible with 40+ email clients.

We Test to Perfection

All your email templates are Litmus and browser-tested to perfection ensuring that our customers are delivered email client compatible HTML email that is ready to use with your Email Software.

You Receive the Files

You receive your Email HTML which is ready to send. We also send you the screenshots of the tests conducted across email clients.

What you get

You receive high-quality responsive templates integrated with your Email/Landing Page software along with

HTML Files

Images' Folder

Compatability Report
( Litmus or EOA)

If you wish to, we can also upload and test the template in your software for you.

PSD to Email Templates start @ just $49!

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Your Questions….Answered!

  • In which formats do you accept design files for your PSD to Email services?

    We would appreciate if you could provide us the files in the form of layered PSD/ open PDF/ AI files.

    We also accept files in Jpeg, PDF, BMP, GIF format, however, it won’t be possible to extract text from the same, and so the text should be provided by the client in a separate document file.

    Also, please ensure that file size is 25MB (max).

  • What is the difference between Responsive, Scalable and Fixed Layout?

    In Responsive layout, media queries are used with the help of which the layout of the design can be adjusted as per the viewing environment. 

    In Scalable, the email layout scales according to the environment i.e. it shrinks if viewed in smaller screen resolution. 

    In Fixed, the email will remain as it is in all the display screens. We recommend responsive since the readability is better.

  • What is retina email and what do you need for this design?

    Retina email refers to the use of retina-friendly images so that the visual result on devices with retina displays is clean and crisp. They can be viewed only on iPhone.

    For the retina design, we need the design file to be of double the resolution. So if your original PSD is of 600px, we need around 1200px for the retina emails.

  • What should be the ideal resolution for an email template?

    According to email design best practices, ideal email width is 600 px and height is 1100 px.

    For retina email design, the resolution should be double- width around 1200px. Vector images can also be used in design but of double the size. 

  • What is the difference between Basic and Advanced Integration?

    Basic Integration
    Basic ESP integration involves incorporating email templates that allow a basic level of edits to the text, sections, and images if permitted by the ESP chosen by you.

    Advanced Integration
    Advanced ESP Integration allows edits as few ESPs provide their own template libraries allowing complete customization to remove, hide, edit, shuffle or duplicate the sections in your email template.

  • Are Google Fonts are supported in Email Template?

    Google fonts are not supported in many major email clients, so as a workaround, we can use a fallback font so that the email clients that do not support Google fonts would read the fallback font.

    The Google Fonts API is compatible with the following browsers: Google Chrome: version 4.249.4+, Mozilla Firefox: version: 3.5+, Apple Safari: version 3.1+, Opera: version 10.5+, Microsoft Internet Explorer: version 6+.

    The Google Fonts API works reliably on the vast majority of modern mobile operating systems, including Android 2.2+ and iOS 4.2+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Support for earlier iOS versions is limited.

  • My email breaks and doesn't show the whole length in Gmail & Outlook. Why is that?

    Ideal length of an email template is 1200 pixel - 1500 pixel. If the length of the template is greater than that, there are higher chances of template clipping within Gmail and Outlook.

    Also, it not only depends on the length of the template but also the characters used in the template.

    Make sure the weight of the template is lesser than 100 KB. If it’s greater, it can lead to many issues like higher loading time and clipping of the template in Gmail and Outlook.

what our clients say about us

  • Disney

    Fast and efficient, quick to make changes, and low cost for those with a tight budget! I highly recommend Email Monks!

    Anthony Hidalgo (Disney) Manager, Customer Retention Marketing
  • national-geographic

    Excellent service, quality code, lightening fast turnaround and at an unbeatable price. National Geographic loves the Monks!

    Susie Murphy (Nat Geo) CRM/Email Marketing Manager
  • Ogilvy

    You guys were great! Thank you! Very professional, very polite, and really helped in a tricky situation.

    Sandra Field (Ogilvy) Senior Account Manager
  • 21st Century Fox

    Great service. Incredibly fast turnaround and flawless work. Somehow you even anticipated things that I didn't think of myself. I wish I'd discovered email monks years ago.

    Vijay Sudan (21st Century Fox)
  • oracle

    From the moment of our first interaction, Email Monks have been courteous, diligent, and effective. I'm very impressed with their work and will certainly be using them again! Thanks guys!

    Charlie Burnett (Oracle) Art Director

PSD to Email Templates start @ just $49!

Order Now


You receive high-quality responsive templates integrated with your Email/Landing Page software along with

  • HTML Files
  • Images' Folder
  • Compatability Report
    ( Litmus or EOA)

If you wish to, we can also upload and test the template in your software for you.


We test on 40+ EMAIL CLIENTS


  • Apple Mail 9 (OSX 10.11)
  • Apple Mail 10(OSX 10.12)
  • Lotus Notes 9 (Win 7)
  • Lotus Notes 8.5 (Win 7)
  • Windows 10 Mail (Win 10)
  • Outlook 2016 (Win 7)
  • Outlook 2016 (OS X 10.10)
  • Outlook 2013 120 DPI (Win 7)
  • Outlook 2013 (Win 7)
  • Outlook 2011 (OS X 10.10)
  • Outlook 2010 (Win 7)
  • Outlook 2007 (Win 7)
  • Outlook 2003 (Win 7)
  • Outlook 2002 (Win 7)
  • Outlook 2000 (Win 7)
  • Thunderbird 45 (Win 7)


  • AOL Mail (Chrome)
  • AOL Mail (Explorer)
  • AOL Mail (Firefox)
  • Inbox by Gmail (Chrome)
  • Inbox by Gmail (Firefox)
  • Gmail (Chrome)
  • Gmail (Explorer)
  • Gmail (Firefox)
  • (Chrome)
  • (Explorer)
  • (Firefox)
  • Office 365 (Chrome)
  • Office 365 (Explorer)
  • Office 365 (Firefox)
  • (Chrome)
  • (Explorer)
  • (Firefox)
  • Yahoo! Mail (Chrome)
  • Yahoo! Mail (Explorer)
  • Yahoo! Mail (Firefox)


  • iPad Mini (iOS 9)
  • iPad Retina (iOS 9)
  • iPhone 7 (iOS 10)
  • iPhone 6s Plus (iOS 9)
  • iPhone 6s (iOS 9)
  • iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 8)
  • iPhone 6 (iOS 8)
  • iPhone 5s (iOS 8)
  • iPhone 5s (iOS 7)
  • Gmail App (iOS 10)
  • Gmail App (Android 4.4)
  • Gmail App (Android 7.0)


  • Silverpop
  • Responsys
  • Eloqua
  • Pardot
  • Neolane
  • Adestra
  • InfusionSoft
  • Axciom
  • Cheetahmail/Experian
  • Epsilon
  • Bluehornet
  • Yesmail
  • Maropost
  • Dotmailer
  • Emarsys
  • Cakemail
  • Freshmail
  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • iContact
  • Constant Contact
  • Get Response
  • Vertical Response
  • MyEmma
  • Benchmark
  • Madmimi
  • Bronto
  • Interspire
  • Streamsend

and Many More.

We support over 40 Email Softwares. Reach out to us if your Email Service Provider (ESP) is not listed here. We will be happy to integrate it for you.

If you wish, we can upload the template in your account and test it across. We would need adequate access to your software