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with Jack-o'-Monks!

A big Booo to you from the 71.5% adults planning to participate in Halloween related activities this year! Halloween has never been just for the kids as it is exactly when the holiday shopping behavior triggers and it is safe to say Americans have already spent two months preparing for one of the fastest-growing and most widely-loved holidays of the year!! With the Jack-o’-lanterns on the shelves, Monks bring you a cheat sheet to phantom-ize your email marketing campaigns and make the best out of the Halloween week! Look what’s brewin’!

1. Subject lines that BOOO!

Formulate eerie subject lines to your emails that give the subscribers a Halloween feel and differentiates your email from the others at the same time. A change of tone during holidays can be less risky if you are not too keen on changing tones of your email subject lines otherwise!

2. Pumpkin-ize your emails!

Make your emails look freakish with minor design changes; adding holiday specific elements like spooky fonts, dark color schemes, cobwebs and so much more. You can also add spine-tingling elements to your landing pages and go experimental this Halloween!

3. Corn candy time! Giveaway freebies!

Halloween does have a free corn candy if not a free lunch! Like the free Halloween candy which all of us relish, decide upon your own shriek-worthy freebies that can be offered to your email list this creepy Halloween. They will relish it too!

4. G-host a Halloween contest!

Leveraging social media platforms using email marketing will help you this Halloween. Chart out a few contests and send the teasers using emails. Alternatively, you can also use automated workflows to provide contest information as the contest approaches. Tweet-athons such as hottest Halloween costume contest, scariest face award, scavenger e-hunts, etc. would help escalating your brand's viral marketing efforts to a new level. For mobile audience, try utilizing SnapChat or Instragram alongside. Social & email are just two sides of the same coin, integrate them well!

5. “Trick or Treating”! A treatful Halloween loyalty program!

Marketers can stick to just the ‘Treat’ part of this Halloween ritual by designing Halloween loyalty programs for your email recipients. Entitle your subscribers to double reward points or free gift cards on purchasing within a specific time period. You can escalate the amount of discounts through the week so that your subscribers stay connected with you. Make your subscribers feel valued by introducing progressive deals and discounts during the week.

6. Hallow-screaming cards & non-promotional
content for once!

These ‘master of disguise’ emails with Halloween wishes can be used to thank your subscribers! After the severe promotional Halloween email’s shower, a non-promotional holiday e-card would always be welcomed. Also, utilize this festival to encourage subscriber relationships with informative and non-promotional content such as Halloween stories, history, etc. to keep up your subscriber’s interest!

7. Be-“witching’’ Auto responders!

Set up Halloween-centric auto responders to grab your subscribers’ attention and titillate the chances of higher conversion. Create bewitching email auto responders by incorporating real-time content within the emails. For E.g.: Email to a subscriber who has visited your store for costumes may read, “2 days before the ghost haunts you- pick the Black Maleficent Costume you liked at our store!” OR an email to a subscriber who has not visited your e-store in a while now may read, “We’ve gotten more chic and eeek! since you last visited, shop with us this Halloween!”

The Jack-o’-Monk says, incorporate the Halloween frenzy to your email marketing campaigns and receive screaming good revenues this season!

Happy Halloween!!