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Creative Unsubscribe

It’s about getting over the Email Relationship crisis!

Applicable to every email marketer and their subscribers – No? Change preferences, be more flexible & considerate ensuring that your relationship comes as an example of a match made in heaven!

Not sure What options Sandra & Peter evaluate, but here are the four types of common unsubscribe options marketers follow:

  • 1. Preference Center
    Unsubscribe email process

    The preference center with options to change preferences before unsubscribing – It’s the smart marketer’s way!

  • 2. One-click Unsubscribe
    1 Click email unsubscribe

    The one click unsubscribe – Now, you are a real business guy before a marketer. You save time!

  • 3. A Lengthy Feedback Form
    Feedback form in email

    The old fashioned lengthy feedback form before unsubscribe – Ewwww! That shucks! Are you a marketer, seriously?

  • 4. One Click Unsubscribe with Confirmation Email
    Email Message for Unsubscribe

    The one click unsubscribe with a follow up email saying “You left us alone at today’s dinner” – Rock on, you ve got a creative way to depart. Bless you!

Stats for Unsubscribing an email

of consumers reported frequency as the primary

reason for unsubscribing from a brand's email in 2013.

While Sandra & Peter had different preferences,

here are 8 pitfalls enabling subscribers to walk away

on a different pilgrim’s process.

You might undergo an email relationship crisis with your subscribers for a host of the below reasons:

  • Poor email design or copy
  • End of offer or sale
  • Excess or limited email frequency
  • Offensive or misleading subject line
  • Sending emails without permission
  • Lack of personalization
  • Irrelevant email content
  • Change of preferences related to email address, type of email etc.
Unsubscribe Email Stats 2013
Consumer View for Unsubscribe Email
Learning from past experiences whether relationships or email, is helpful. With unsubscribe feedback, you strengthen your email practices and by providing an easy unsubscribe, you also prevent from encountering ISP blocks and spam complaints.


Where is the unsubscribe ?

If not, I’ll mark as SPAM!

Email Spam Filter
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To check the sample of our unsubscribe page, click here.

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Sandra & Peter were loyal, so should be you! Here are some sins of Unsubscribe
Making the unsubscribe text too small to read

You are being smart, but that’s not a very pious practice! You make the text small and hard to find, but remember that will just increase the spam complaints and hurt your domain reputation!

Using misleading language

Well, smart again huh? Using misleading language is a common practice that many brands adhere to. Saying “Unsubscribe” or “Opt-out” clearly against “Receive no more updates” makes the message more credible. Use standard language as prescribed in the CAN-SPAM act.

Taking unsubscribe miles away from the visual pathway

Will that help reduce the unsubscribe rate? Hold on – It won’t! So, rather than setting your unsubscribe link way beyond visual pathway to reduce opt-outs, put it across at an ideal place, not quite above the fold, but also not in a hidden way below the fold.

No unsubscribe option

Now that’s super clever you must be thinking! Well, it’s unfortunately not! According to the legitimate commercial email laws, it is mandatory to provide an unsubscribe link or button in your email and if you don’t you are under the lens of the almighty!

Remember :

It’s better to provide an easy unsubscribe option than hiding it and rising the spam complaints.

Best practices to save your email relationship crisis
A few relationship savers (considerations) to stop subscribers stepping the unsubscribe ladder!
Email Relationship
  • Make sure you follow the optimum email sending frequency.
  • Send targeted, personalized emails for better results and engagement.
  • Implement the feedback requested from subscribers who had chosen to leave you.
  • Manage the expectations that you have promised during sign-up on the preference center.
  • Your subscriber might check your emails on the go and there upon, design emails for cross-device viewing environment.
  • Watch language and tone of your emails. Immediately breaking up with a rude message will spoil your impression. Never do it!
  • Use automated workflows (triggered emails) carefully. Don’t bombard your users with system generated emails.
  • Measure the unsubscribe rate constantly to ensure the practices are working or if there is any need to change.
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  • Better to provide an easy unsubscribe than hiding it and raising the spam complaints! [ Tweet This ]
  • 47% of respondents would consider the option to “opt-down” during the unsubscribe process! [ Tweet This ]
  • An easy unsubscribe prevents you from encountering ISP blocks and spam complaints. [ Tweet This ]
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